Inviting yoga to deepen your daily experience

I invite you to walk with the question of “Who am I?”

Or, “Who am I when I let go of the emotions, beliefs, perceptions, and roles that mask my true sense of self?”

We continue on our journey of awakening consciousness by coming to our practice with a sense of wonder, an awareness that each time we come to our practice, we are never in the same place as before. We are affected by so many outside influences such as our environment, the people we share our life with, and our physical state of being. We’re also shaped by our thoughts and beliefs, our perceptions, emotions and feelings. All these affect us moment by moment and move through our various layers of being, sometimes passing through and other times getting stuck, like a nagging annoyance that we can’t shake off. Therefore we must come to our practice with a sense of  wonder, wondering what we can discover in this session about ourselves that we might not have noticed before, what might be lurking in the deeper layers, ready for release and freedom? Whatever is there can only achieve freedom by first coming to our attention.

How do we explore with this wonder? Take the same practice and do it again. And again. And then do it again, because you are never the same when you step onto your mat, and your experience will be different every time. If you went deep last time, this time you can go deeper. You will find something else to look at, acknowledge, and release. We are not attending yoga classes, events or retreats to be entertained with more and more content of new postures and sequences that would only act to serve the ego and keep you from going deeper and deeper. We are here to delve into the question of “Who am I?” You are not a yoga practitioner. That is something that you do, but if you didn’t do it, you would still be you. These are the roles and perceptions. They are tools for exploring ourselves, not descriptions of ourselves. With that in mind, walk with the question:

“Who am I?”


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