Using light to bring inner balance

As many of you know I was recently challenged with the influenza type A virus that wiped me out for a couple of weeks. I took a week off teaching and would like to thank Nicky Smith and Allison Sawyer for stepping in and keeping Wednesday and Friday classes going. It was during that first week of lying and sitting around that I rediscovered the delight and power of candle gazing. I thought this would be nice to share as a tool of transformation that might work for you too. One evening, having had enough of lying around in bed
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The meaning of Aum

At the end of my yoga classes now we finish by chanting three ‘Aums’. You may have wondered: why do we Aum? Is Aum a mantra and how might we benefit from this practice? I introduced the chanting of Aum at the request of a student. I then asked my other classes if they too would like to explore finishing the class with three Aums as the resulting vibrational effect was so profound. Some of my yoga students enthusiastically chant and others sit and feel. Regardless of the participation, which is absolutely voluntary, the classes finish with a stillness and
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