Using light to bring inner balance

As many of you know I was recently challenged with the influenza type A virus that wiped me out for a couple of weeks. I took a week off teaching and would like to thank Nicky Smith and Allison Sawyer for stepping in and keeping Wednesday and Friday classes going. It was during that first week of lying and sitting around that I rediscovered the delight and power of candle gazing. I thought this would be nice to share as a tool of transformation that might work for you too.

One evening, having had enough of lying around in bed all day, I went into the lounge and decided to put a candle on the coffee table. Once lit I was instantly drawn to the flame, like a moth to a light. The effect was transforming as I let my eyes soften and absorb the candlelight. It was almost as though there was nothing else to do other than let this light flow in. Upon reflection of this it made me wonder if the profundity of this action, gazing at the light, was a result of having spent a few days inside out of the sunlight and my body craved light.

As I sat and gazed I felt a stillness within and found myself relaxing as this stillness calmed and soothed my being. It was as though an inner knowing was awakening to the power of the light to reach into my cells and restore balance and harmony. I had intended to watch a movie but instead I was transfixed by the flame and the feeling that was moving through my whole being.

This was a timely reminder of the simple things in life that are the best for us … the straightforward act of lighting a candle, stopping to take it in and allowing the light to be felt in every cell of my body. My invitation to you is to explore this for yourself. Sit with a flame, let your breath settle, then allow your breath take you in deeper and deeper and see what you notice. With no expectations be open to letting this light take you on an inner journey to peace and harmony.

I would love to hear about your experiences with candlelight so please share, comment and spread the message of light. As we take more light in we shine more light out and make this planet a lighter, brighter place to be.



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  1. Simon Cribb

    I haven’t used candle light much, but my favourite quick recharge at this time of year is to sit with the winter sun on my face, and watch the light show on my closed eyes. This rapidly takes me deep into my breath and somatic awareness, and about ten minutes seems to recharge me.

  2. Sarah Collin

    Thank you for sharing Simon, it is great to hear how light is used to recharge us. Have to say that the warmth of the winter sun is really nice to take in.

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