Connection, Compassion and Kindness

I haven’t been a good blogger lately, or maybe ever! I get lots of ideas at different times, have it all in my head but somehow it doesn’t make the journey from my head to this page.

So it’s time to share more and this is really important because at the end of last term (term three) I felt, more than ever before, that there was an increased sense of connection in all my classes between the participants. I was reflecting at the end of term during my two week break and recalled how lovely it was to witness the conversations, the little gestures of support of each other, the inquiry if someone was away, responding to assisting others to get to class if they found themselves stuck. Sometimes people were so engrossed in catching up that yoga almost got in the way!

Connection is one of my values – actually, it is in my top five! Why?

Because to me, it’s important to have connections. It’s through those connections that you have experiences with others. It is those experiences that make life rich, the connections with others, the memories you make through those connections, the gestures, words, deeds, sharing of feelings and the opportunities to widen your connections with others that care.

What I love about teaching yoga is that there are so many aspects to yoga that go way beyond the yoga mat and the physical movement. What I am witnessing in my classes now is the result of a sense of safety, of familiarity of those faces that have been there for a few terms, maybe even a few years! The result of being in a place that has been intended to give you a space to explore the many aspects of yourself. That is the real meaning of yoga: unity on all levels of your being because when you have that sense of unity it ripples out to the wider community and this is how we make a difference in the world. I love Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “be the change you want to see in the world“. It is the best gift you can give yourself and everyone else.

Connection, caring and kindness will get you through the thorny times!

So I rejoice when yoga almost gets in the way of that connection. Keep the connection going and I invite you to look for opportunities to connect more. Maybe there is someone new in the class who doesn’t know many people. Could you extend the hand of friendship? Is there someone who you have seen coming to class forever who you don’t know the name of? Ask them and make that introduction, maybe offer a compliment about their commitment to attending class. Let’s build an amazing community through our yoga classes. We are living in times of extreme change and uncertainty. Connection, friendship, caring and kindness will get you through the uncertain times.

“The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water and food.”  Dr Dean Ornish


So keep up the great work you are all doing. I love all my classes, they all have a uniqueness to them that makes them special, and that uniqueness is YOU!

I celebrate YOU today as I write this as you all inspire me to do what I love doing. Together we are building greater connections and it is beautiful.



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  1. Carline Turner

    I am in total agreement with you Sarah, connection, compassion and kindness is essential for life to flow freely 💞🙏🤗

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