Applying the Three Keys

A couple of weeks ago, I reflected on being half way through my year of slow living. Slow living is about becoming more aware, more conscious of the wonder of the world around us. I identified three keys to unlocking the power of our consciousness. I then brought these to the most recent Dru Soul Spa.

You don’t need to nominate a year of slow living or raising consciousness. That’s an exercise – a valuable one, yes – but the real thing is to bring these ideas into your daily life.

I challenge you with committing to the three keys of slow living:



See where commitment might serve you in daily life. What would it feel like to commit to ten minutes of silent sitting every day before your start your day? Or five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening before you go to bed?


Can you commit to practicing being more present firstly with yourself and secondly with the people you love in your life? When they are talking to you, stop whatever you were doing and be there, fully present, and hear them. Take time to listen to yourself too. How are you feeling? Can you acknowledge and release energies or thoughts that are no longer serving you?


Can you  make a commitment to stop and acknowledge every day three things you are truly grateful for? Maybe keep a diary or a photo board, or write them on the fridge with a whiteboard marker.


Feel free to share your findings with me and meanwhile, be kind to yourself! It is never too late to start these practices. If you miss a day, start again with loving kindness, trusting that with your genuine intention, it will turn into a habit that serves you well.

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  1. Lyn Sharman

    Hi Sarah, I do so enjoy reading all your stories, quotes and your yoga stories of how far you have come, congratulations. I also wanted a slow year this year, but here it is September. Thanking you, Lyn.

    • Sarah Collin

      Thank you Lyn, lovely to know you are connecting via this blog. I am on an amazing journey and love what I do.
      Thank you for being part of that journey.

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