• Slow Living

    February 16, 2017Sarah Collin (2)
    Slow Living – this is my motto for this year. Since choosing to explore this theme it is amazing what I have found.  There are actually magazines on the subject and I love them. Check these out:  These are our vege pods and they work amazingly. As part of my intention to practice slow living I am growing ...
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  • For Love of Yourself

    July 31, 2016Sarah Collin (0)
    For Love of Yourself This is the theme of our classes this term as we embrace the wintertime for going within and practicing some self loving. Whether you are in a yoga or meditation class this term, use this time to really be present and honour the time you are making for yourself.  See if you can ...
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  • Finding strength in letting go

    May 5, 2016Sarah Collin (0)
    The season of autumn is a time to surrender so this term we will be focusing on the wisdom of release, letting go and making space. The wisdom of release is letting go of “what was” so that “what could be” is free to unfold with ease and grace.  It is the season of transformation as ...
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  • The Seat of Compassion & wisdom of honouring your uniqueness in every posture you do.

    April 6, 2016Sarah Collin (0)
    This term in my classes we have been working on the beautiful sequence known as “The Seat of Compassion”.  It consists of a number of postures that we have spent time working with including, lotus chair, charity pose, crane and seat of compassion pose. It is really important to work with each individual component of a ...
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  • Managing our emotions

    January 30, 2016Sarah Collin (2)
    I wanted to start the year talking about how to manage emotions as it feels to me like a lot of people are being affected by the global unrest. The energy of fear, fueled by all the negative media you readily find in our newspapers, news and shared by those who get high on spreading ...
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  • Living in a high state of gratitude

    February 12, 2015Sarah Collin (0)
    This was the theme of our summer retreat which has just happened.  Here I would like to share, especially for those that were on the retreat but also to benefit anyone else who is reading this, some of the practices and research. We contemplated the statement;  Your brain takes its shape from what your mind rests ...
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  • High vibrations for a year of manifesting your greatest dream

    January 4, 2015Sarah Collin (0)
    Happy New Year ! Did you know this year holds an energy that can fast track you along to realising you goals and dreams?  Well it does and to ensure that you get the best chance to do this I am encouraging you to write down your intentions for the next twelve months. It is one thing ...
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  • Ignite your dreams

    November 20, 2014Sarah Collin (5)
    Welcome to my new look blog.  I hope you will enjoy reading more about the things that I love and the effect of sharing these with others. This year I chose a quality that I wanted to expand into as the year progressed .  The quality I chose was Balance and that has been my word ...
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