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A different theme for this blog post—thought I would share with you a piece of writing that I completed after one of our Yoga and Writing events. Just so happens I was in Balingup, the venue for our next Yoga and Writing event. This is the effect it had on me!

Sitting on the grass under the shade of a white cedar. I’ve been nature bathing this weekend, soaking up the essence of the Earth and collecting delightful treasures: leaves, pine cones, grass tree seeds and acorns! My eyes have taken in the autumn colours from green to yellow, orange to crimson, peach, gold, tan in every shade. I’ve collected inspiration.

Yesterday was magical under the giant oak tree with acorns falling along with leaves. My cells soaked up the groundedness of this ancient friend, the gentle breeze took away my thoughts and tumbling acorns brought me back to the present moment.


So there you go, a piece of writing and feeling evoked from time in nature. If you’re keen to make creative connections and join our creativity page then consider joining Kel and I for our November Yoga and Writing at the Golden Valley Tree Park in Balingup.

Here’s another short piece from our last winter workshop where we walked up to a couple of ancient trees near the studio.



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