Treasures of slow living

Look what I found in my local butcher shop at Treendale!

Fresh walnuts from Treendale

Fresh local South West walnuts which take me back to my childhood in the South East of South Australia where the most amazing walnut tree was to be found on our farm.

I enjoyed a constant supply of fresh walnuts and the company of the amazing tree from which they came.  A huge tree that provided shade on hot days a place to escape to as I remember climbing up into it to pause and ponder or read undisturbed!






A painting of the farmhouse I grew up in.

Thinking back, I enjoyed a lot of slow living as a young girl, growing up on a farm in South Australia and surrounded by natural beauty. Children don’t think about going slow, they just peer at things and observe the detail of the world around them. Part of slow living is rediscovering the beauty that children see in the world by taking time to notice and observe the things around me. It’s about slowing down the adult mind and letting the inner child be free.

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  1. Andrea Patrick

    Hi Sarah I loved reading your experience and memories of when you were a child….I too grew up on a farm but in northern England….some of the cottages we lived in were over 300yrs older, older than Australia, that was back in the 70s. At the age of 16 my parents came here to live dragging me along,lol. I hated them for it at the time as I not only had to leave all my friends behind and a boyfriend but My dream of raising my children on a farm like I was was shattered 😰. Nothing seemed to taste the same especially meat….BUT last week, my hubby who does the shopping, brought home bacon that tasted much like the bacon back home in the Uk, at 61 it was nice to be transformed back to my childhood also 😄
    I have missed mentioning that after a few months I settled into a new life here in OZ and I wouldn’t of of had it any different, 😂🤗❤️

    • Sarah Collin

      Thanks Andrea for your sharing. Yes I didn’t want to leave UK either and up rose the rebel in me so my poor parents wouldn’t have had an easy time!

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