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If you are reading this then you have been in training for the times we are experiencing right now. This is my personal plea for you to rise above the current fear campaign and shine your light for humanity and planet Earth.

It is time to unplug from the biased, fear-based media drama that is wearing you down and increasing your chances of becoming ill. Instead turn off your news channels, stop reading the newspapers and listening to yet another panel discussing COVID-19. What you are not being told is that as a human being you have the most amazing immune system that is capable of dealing with incredible challenges when left to its own devices. What will affect your immune system and bring you down is constant drama and fear-based news.

Start tuning inward to your inner resources. They may not have been called upon for some time, but it is not too late. What is your intuition saying to you right now? What can you do to boost your immune system? Many have been given the gift of more time at home due to less travel, if you are working from home, or loss of work. If that is the case then you have the time to work on your greatest asset: YOU.

Now is the time, if you haven’t already, to create a vision for your life that is the most empowering vision you can come up with. A vision that includes creating a better world for humanity to thrive in and an Earth that is supported to flourish. Get your creative juices flowing, find images to support your vision, and create a soulful sentence or affirmation that can become your mantra to live by.

We’re living in extreme times that call for extreme action and collaboration to create new ways of being, of living and thriving. It’s time to raise the vibration of this planet to a point where the lower frequencies and people of ill intent get blinded by light and retreat. Let us create a life where we have freedom of speech, where we focus on wellness instead of illness, where we respect difference and can live together in harmony. Let’s create a society where food becomes our medicine once again and we support quality of life, living longer, healthier lives instead of dying longer by being over-medicated and making a minority rich in the process.

The time is NOW for you to shine your light and raise your vibration. This too is infectious and we need to spread this light and beam it into all the dark places. Help others find their lights and turn them on. Together we can make a difference.

How? I hear you ask. Try these things:

Don’t let this social distancing become normalised because as human beings we need to stay connected, not distanced! Keep images of social interactions around you and keep this vision. This social distancing is not the new normal! Stay connected as much as possible to family, friends and like-minded people.

Get out in nature every chance you get. Go to places that are full of life and prana such as the beach and forests. Fill your lungs with fresh clean air and expel any stagnation and staleness.

Start reflecting upon the food you eat and asking how much life force, or prana, is in your food. In other words, how much fresh food are you eating? It is imperative to keep you immune system healthy. You need to be eating whole foods, unprocessed, and not sprayed with poisons. Familiarise yourself with seasonal food and reduce the need to import produce.

Move your body every day. Our physical bodies are designed to move so find ways to move that are fun and enjoyable. Walking daily is one of the best things we can do. While you walk let go of tension in your shoulders, let your arms hang loosely, find a rhythm to your walk that feels good and let your body guide you to move in the most comfortable way for you. This can be a great exploration. As you move inquire as to how your body is feeling as you walk. What if you shorten your stride and slow down? How might it feel to notice the contact your feet make with the ground, how your feet roll from step to step? Do you lift your toes when you walk? There’s a lot to explore in the simple act of walking!

Watch what you say and don’t get hooked into the negative language that we are being bombarded with right now. There is nothing to be gained in fighting anything! You’ll see this word fight everywhere: fight COVID, fight cancer, fight for your rights. Stop and reflect on what that word conjures up in your mind; check your own internal dialogue and the words you use when talking to others. Let the fight go and find the courage to move towards what you want from your heart. Feel it before you overthink it.

Meditate daily at the very least. Use this time to surround the Earth in light and the people in love. What you’re not being told is that you are an amazing being capable of whatever you choose to put your mind and effort toward. Together, we can raise the vibration of this planet. Stand up and be counted as you create the way forward that makes your heart sing.


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