Seeking your own truth

Sunday August 23, 2020; 3.11am channelling

Greetings awakening hearts

Sharing this with you to do with as you wish. I was awoken to receive this message.
It is time to take action as we need to move forward together.
It is time to turn off your mainstream media and start to go within to get your own answers to questions you have and to question everything you are being told.
All is not what it seems right now and has not been for a long time. Take the blinkers off and begin to tap into your own intuition, your own innate wisdom, you all have it.
It is the light within, the voice within you that is calling for you to make time to stop and check in.
You need to stop long enough to hear your answers then trust what you first hear. The muscle of intuition, for many, has not been developed or encouraged to be developed because it is so empowering. You need to empower yourself right now so that you can move forward as an enlightened being into the future you want.
There is always free choice but right now we are faced with times never before seen, times never before experienced and times where truth needs to be revealed. A veil has masked what is really beneath you and it is time to let light uncover the darkness, the mysteries, the truth.
This is something that humanity needs to do together, rise together and take your power back. There is a tide right now, gaining momentum, that needs your contribution.

What can you do?

Stop and question everything you have been told to this point in time right now.
Open your mind to the possibility that there is a whole new world awaiting for you that is one of collaboration, support, ease, fairness, love and compassion. A redistribution of wealth and power to the people, as a whole, not a minority group.
This is the time where you can have all that you dreamed of but first wake up. There is much and many to be freed and healed and you have all the help you need, it is all there for the asking.
Take your power back, start questioning, open your incredible minds.
You are a being of light with an innate system of healing that you have no idea you have. Take the poison away, i.e. what the media are feeding you along with the literal poison you are ingesting.
Eat organically grown food – you then eliminate poisons in your food from how it is grown.
Eat seasonally and locally – food that is not sprayed with chemicals.
Drink clean water with no additives – filter them out.
Move your body daily and embrace nature.
Let the wonders of nature enter your body/heart/mind.
Practice acts of kindness to your fellow human beings and see the ripple effect of this play out.

Open your mind to a new world, things are not going back to normal.
The world is being cleaned up right now and all is not what it seems.
Have a vision for your future that contains freedom for humanity.
Freedom, love, peace, joy, kindness and compassion, more ease less struggle, more time less stuff!
What makes life rich for you? What makes you heart sing? What do you want to leave behind when your time on this earth plane is over? How do you want to be remembered on this planet by the people of Earth? What contribution are you here to make?
We are here to give, not to take.
Turn off mainstream media, it is not a source of truth. Seek your own truth.
Ask yourself; How can I be of service? What have I come here to give?
There is more than enough for everyone on this planet to live meaningful lives that contribute to the greater good.


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