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I wanted to start the year talking about how to manage emotions as it feels to me like a lot of people are being affected by the global unrest. The energy of fear, fueled by all the negative media you readily find in our newspapers, news and shared by those who get high on spreading fear through gossip.

I have been going back to basics with my personal yoga practice over the holidays and have to share with you the power of Energy Block Release sequences one and two, EBR 1 and EBR 2.  There are truly amazing, let me explain the concept of how and why they work.

As human/energetic beings we operate on many subtle layers moment by moment alternating between the physical, energetic  what we feel in sensations, mental and emotional, our thoughts and emotions, intellectual, our belief systems, and our spiritual, our connection to our higher self and beyond.
As we go about our day we move between these layers in our interactions with others, places and situations we find ourselves in and an energy exchange is taking place as we give and receive energy, the good, bad and everything in between.

An example is when we receive an energy of say anger, we just heard something that someone said about us that wasn’t true and it’s annoyed us.  This anger not only runs around in our mind and thoughts  but also percolates through to the other layers starting with those layers closest to the  mind and then spreading outwards. The first reaction is usually an emotional one then we may sense it physically as the energy reaches the body layer.  When the energy arrives at the physical layer it will lodge in the joints, causing stiffness and aches.  From the joints the energy if it is not discharged, will transfer to the muscles then into the organs.  Once this happens the energy block becomes deep seated and over a long period of time causes dis-ease within the body.

It goes without saying that it is unhealthy to allow unresolved emotional energy to work its way inwards to the vital organs so we need tools to release it on a moment by moment basis or at lease once a day!  Be real, we live in a world where we are continually exposed to these energies and therefore if we want to feel alive and be vibrant it is vital that we learn to manage our energy and therefore our emotions moment by moment.

That’s why in my classes I will ask you to regularly check in with how you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally so that you get to know what you are holding onto and then, with raised awareness, you can do something to release it.

That is why in a Dru Yoga or Meditation class you will always go through an Energy Block Release sequence (EBR) and the first two work so well on releasing the stuckness of negative thoughts and attitudes that create rigidity in our actions and the way we interact with people and situations.  Negativity can create impenetrable barriers and defenses, which inhibit our ability to feel what we are really feeling, including our capacity to feel love and joy as well as pain and sadness.

The process of Energy Block Releases (EBR’s) over a period of time softens and begins to melt such rigidity around the energetic and emotional layers.

EBR’s reverse the process of absorbing energy into our joints, muscles and organs and allow us to detoxify from the inside out and that’s why you are encouraged to drink water and keep hydrated throughout a class and afterwards.

In a Dru class you will also be encouraged to add affirmations as it is proven that when we add these into another layer of our being the whole process is accelerated and that is why you get that indescribable feeling after a class of being more open, freer, less reactive and so on.  Sometimes this is felt after one class and for others, over a period of time,  they notice a difference in the way they deal with things that once would have been stressful but now are manageable.

So I invite you to start the year and your yoga practice with a renewed  awareness.  You will get the same EBR’s each week sometimes and that is because they are so good at what they do.  Sometimes we want new things and new sequences as we believe they will bring us more however I challenge you to be fully present and bring an aliveness to the EBR’s that you may know well.  See if you can complete a whole EBR 1 or 2 without your mind wandering for one moment!  Take the opportunity to really explore within the layers of your being and let the softening and freeing up take place.  Allow yourself to expand into a new place, a place of freedom.

I look forward to seeing you in a class or on retreat with me soon.  Check out for vacancies in Friday morning in Leschenault, afterwork classes in Bunbury, retreats and meditation.


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  1. Marilyn Rowan-Robinson

    Does not cease to amaze me, the timing. I have just been listening to Caroline Myss c.d’s on The Anatomy of your Health. Then what shows up is your blog just aligning with her talk. Time for me to put it all into action. Thank you

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