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Welcome to my new look blog.  I hope you will enjoy reading more about the things that I love and the effect of sharing these with others.

This year I chose a quality that I wanted to expand into as the year progressed .  The quality I chose was Balance and that has been my word for 2014 which so far I feel I haven’t really achieved and we are fast running out of 2014!  How does that happen?  Does this happen to you?

Well with a few weeks left to bring this quality of balance more to the forefront of my life I have made some changes.  One of them being that I am flying off to Adelaide tomorrow for a weekend of inspiration from the amazing Dru teachers from around the world who are in Australia at this time to help people “Ignite their Dreams and supercharge their lives”.

I will be taking part in a number of workshops and plenaries that I know will reignite my vision and send me back to WA recharged and inspired to not only find balance but also to share that with others so they too can move forward and reach the end of the year feeling satisfied and grateful for what the year has offered.

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Looking forward to sharing more next week when I get back 🙂



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  1. Deb Turner

    Look forward to sharing in your insight, wisdom and knowledge. You are my teacher, for which I am grateful. Our journey continues…. Namaste

  2. Judy Meagher

    I always feel so good after Dru Yoga. As Sarah explained: “It takes you out of your head and into your heart”.
    Looking forward to exciting news from the Dru conference in Adelaide.

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