Honouring the changing times

2 June 2020 5am channelling

Honouring the changing times

Greetings awakening hearts
The time has come for me to honour what I have felt for a long time now, to let this work flow through me to you.
I have been channelling for years but I guess it takes a while to trust what it is and who it is for.
I know these messages need to be shared and are no longer for my eyes and ears only.

It is time to wake up and take notice of what you are feeling. As a collective we are being pushed now more than ever to honour change. Things are not going to “go back to normal” – whatever normal is anyway.
As painful as this can be you are being urged to feel, to feel everything. That is why we have senses, so use them.
We are not just our bodies; we are body-minds and these amazing bodies have messages for us, which for many don’t get heard and for many more get heard but not acknowledged. You may be feeling more in your bodies at this time because the messages are urging you to feel, to process and to evolve beyond your experiences.
As painful as some are and as joyful as others are now is the time to let what comes into your awareness be felt. Stop and notice when you get an ache or pain and be curious. Like you are encouraged to be curious in your yoga practice, well this is yoga in action, feeling what your body is bringing up so that you can integrate it and raise your frequency.
It is all about higher vibrations because to hold a higher vibration means holding more light and holding more light means helping Mother Earth, along with her people, evolve.
Opportunity is here right now to look at your life and let it fully express through you. There has never been a time when opportunity abounds, for you to act from your heart, like the cocoon emerging into the butterfly, this does not happen without struggle, without pushing and resting, allowing the process to take the time it needs with patience, loving kindness and gratitude. We are birthing a New Earth and that does not happen without struggle.
There is such a bigger picture going on right now and we are being asked to do what we can, you cannot save the world without looking inward and saving within you what is calling your attention.
Feel the aches and pains in your body, listen to the stories surfacing in your mind, feel and process because this is ascension in progress. Our Earth is ascending and we have the opportunity to ascend with her.

Take time to feel what is going on in these layers of your being:

Physical body – any aches, pains, sensations calling your attention? Stop and feel them, notice where they are and ask the question: what does this mean? What do I need to do right now to move this? It might be enough to notice, or you might need to move, stretch, walk, dance, sing, express express express in the way you feel guided. On a physical level there is a lot of relief to be had in connecting with Earth, barefoot on the earth and letting yourself release into her. There is also a lot to be had in resting more, so rest more.
Pranic body – notice your energy levels and honour them. If you need to rest more then rest more, if you need to speak then speak, if you have unspoken words restricting your throat area then get them out. Notice your breath and start breathing into everything! Your breath is like an alchemist, it changes things pretty quickly, use it. Breathe into everything, sigh, sing, play a musical instrument, feel and act on what is wanting to be expressed through you.
Emotional body – feeling is so important, no longer can we hold down emotions, they need to be felt, there are no good or bad emotions it is all energy in motion and it needs to move and be expressed, moved and be transmuted. Again, be curious as you feel it coming up, talk to your feelings, feel your feelings, express and release, grow and evolve.
Mental body – intuition, we all have it. The question is do you listen to it? Now is the time to start tuning in because it is calling you! First thoughts are often the most authentic so jot them down on paper or record them into your phone recorder or something. They might not make sense right away but if you come back to them a day or week later and revisit they most likely will.
Bliss body – the ever-expansive ocean of consciousness that you can get lost in and time disappears. May I be as bold to say that this is why yoga exists? To prepare us and take us into states of inner stillness and peace, into expansive states of blissful nothingness but everythingness! I know this is not a word but hey, our language doesn’t have the words to explain most of this!
Be kind, loving and gentle with yourselves as these are challenging times on every level. Feel it all, precious beings of light. The time is now for you to be the fullest expression of yourself, let your light expand and be seen, let’s light up the world so nothing can be hidden anymore.


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  1. Nic

    Thanks Sarah
    It’s a timely reminder of the importance to go within and explore now. Socrates told us “Know Thyself.” Rumi urged “Go find yourself.” For millennia, one important lesson has remained constant: all that’s good stems from self knowledge.
    During a time when distractions are ever growing and time for self reflection is scarce. Take the time to listen to your body, understand it, make adjustments, and “know thyself” a little better with each passing day.

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