Full Moon – shining light in dark places

Channeling 5.11 am

Greetings Awakening Hearts

The energy of this approaching full moon has got me up early this morning. After tossing and turning for an hour I gave in and realized there is a message to be shared.
The question begs “Who am I?” as we live in times of extreme change it is also the time of great opportunity for growth and realization of who we are and why we are here.
It is a time of awakening, to claim our freedom, to move forward and reclaim our sovereignty. To ask the deep questions and then make time to hear the answers. How often do you ask the questions but then get busy again with “life” and make no time for stillness? For it is in the stillness that the answers will come to you if you stop long enough to listen and hear the answer.
The world as we know it is changing forever and for the better giving humanity the opportunity to unite in peace, love, and purpose for the good of all.
We, as a humanity have been enslaved to systems for too long, systems of control and lack. Oh, we can tell ourselves how grateful we are for the lives we have, for the perceived freedom but for most we are bound to debt, restriction and limitation and for too long we have known no different. In fact, we have been told how much better our lives are now than they were a hundred years ago. But what if there is so much more waiting for us to claim?
It is time to bring balance to our body-minds by playing more, freeing up on all levels of our being. For too many our physical bodies are bound and heavy or light and tight as we hold onto unexpressed emotion, suppressed dreams, restricted by how we have been told to live our lives in lack and control as we have been steered through the systems that make up our lives.
Well ENOUGH, it is time to break free of the expectations and take the road less traveled, walk where there is no path, venture into the unknown and create a life that is free, rich, connected and purposeful for the good of all.
But how I hear you ask.
Be curious. Be open to the unexpected, be brave and feel everything, let the light of this full moon shine in on all your dark places and reveal the magnificence of who you really are. A being of light, a sovereign soul whose time has come to shine in the fullness of colour.
We will look back on these times and realise that we have been living in black and white and now it is time to lift the veil and let the colour in.
So, I ask you to consider the following:
Where in my life can I let more colour in and what would that look like?
Is there room for my mind to open more to new possibilities and new ways of living?
What does freedom feel like to me?
If time and money were not an issue for me what would I be doing?
Ponder these questions, walk with them, journal your first thoughts to clear your head for more to come in then go back and find the gems of wisdom on your pages.
That’s all for now but I feel there are more insights to come so stay open, because we are entering a new age and the possibilities are endless and remember, YOU are the creator of your life. Bathe in this full moon light and see what there is to be revealed.

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  1. Jenny Dodd

    Hi Sarah… woke up early just like you! My mind Full, just like the full moon. Your post thoroughly resonated with me and loved the reflection on colour, especially in our black and white COVID lockdown here in Melbourne. It’s hard to even remember what normal was and will it be the same when this is over.

    Time for my workout, totally focused on Qigong and TCM these days but so many loving 🥰 memories of the DRU family.. keep well and enjoy your day.. 🙏🏻Xx Jenny Dodd

    • Sarah Collin

      Hi Jenny, lovely to hear from you and I love what you are doing. Let the colour flow in and have a lovely day. Love and light Sarah xo

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