Did you hear, as a child growing up, that as you get older the time passes more quickly? It seems to be ringing bells with me. My theme this year is ‘Connection’ and as the year has sped by I am left feeling that I am only just beginning to connect with my theme!

Last year my theme was “Extreme Self Care” and the year before was “Slow Living” and it’s entirely possible there was another theme in there somewhere too. The thing is they are all connected to each other as they bring me to this point of wanting to slow down, go within and connect more deeply than ever to the wisdom that is seeking to emerge.

During the last school holidays, I took the time to explore a daily yoga practice that I am considering turning into a therapeutic course in term one next year. Giving myself permission to do a daily practice that was very restorative had a lovely effect on connecting me to a deeper part of myself. I have reaffirmed that this is as important as the appointment in my diary that says it’s admin time, or time to balance the books and pay bills. As important as making time to stop and read a nourishing book or magazine, to stop and enjoy my freshly brewed tea.

It’s vital that in the busyness of life we explore making time to slow down, go within and listen. It is in that deep inner listening that we start to connect to an innate wisdom, a connection with our heart that brings us to the present moment. That is when time slows down. It’s those moments of connecting with ourselves and our deep feelings that are important in life. It’s taking time to be present in connections with family and friends, or connections to the things that make our hearts sing.

When we are caught on the treadmill of life, seeking more and more possessions that create more and more work, we get stuck in timelines. Timelines that push us to work a few more years to pay this off or to set that up for the future when the truth is no one knows what the future holds. While planning is certainly worthwhile, we also need to ensure that in the plan we have time for reflection and self care. It’s essential so that at the end of each day we can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep because we have honoured our heart’s desire at some point in the day.

This all comes back to our connection with what is important to us: what are our values? Just as I find it vital to take time out of teaching so that I can work on my business, so too we need to take time out of our busy lives sometimes to reflect on how we feel about our one precious life right now. Spring is the season of new growth, of longer days and more sunlight as we approach summer. Now is the time to ask some deep questions to seek out what has been brewing over the winter months and maturing through spring so far:

• What is most important to you right now?
• Where do you want to be in twelve months’ time?
• What do you want to have achieved in five years’ time?
• What is the one thing you can do now that will make the biggest positive impact on your life?

Let the light in to shine on the dark places, expose your truth and start to live the life you want to live. We are living in extraordinary times and anything is possible if you set the course, have a clear vision and raise your vibration to suit your vision. Fly high and enjoy every moment.


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