Yoga for balancing your energy system: activating the warrior within

This post is the third in our Yoga for Balancing Your Energy System series. If you missed the first two, check them out here: Mooladhara Chakra (1) and Svadhistana Chakra (2).

Chakra three, Manipura, is all about igniting and activating your agni, or inner fire. Manipura is your centre of will, so fostering a strong internal fire here is vital for fulfilling your life purpose. Manipura is where you develop your determination and endurance. Our chakras are not the source of our energy; we need to manage our energy by activating it then channeling it accordingly through our chakra system. A balanced Manipura supports the focused activity needed to realise your goals. By bringing your Manipura chakra into balance, you can foster your willpower and use this to harness your energy, overcome inertia and to get you moving in the direction of your visions.

The importance of knowing your values and having a vision fits right in here with the journey through the chakras because you need a clear idea of where you’re going to fully use this energy. If you feel like you can’t find the energy, drive or willpower to go after your vision, it may be because your vision and your values don’t align. If, for example, you are trying to pursue a business venture but find it keeps going wrong, perhaps it is because on a values level you do not agree with the process or the outcome. Perhaps you are held back from your fitness goals because you find you spend all your spare time in your home or with your family, which may mean you value family or home more than fitness. These are just examples, but once you understand what your values are, you can design your goals to suit them, or consider adjusting your values. The way to develop your will is by aligning your values with your actions, moving toward your purpose or vision and achieving your goals.

Having examined your values, built them into your vision and found the willpower to pursue it, you will need strength to support your endeavours. You build strength in two ways: build muscle of your physical body by physical practice, and build your muscles of will by having clear intentions and taking action: develop habits that move you forward. Upon reflection on some of the things I have done in my life, I can now see how my strong will and courage have carried me forward to achieve some great goals. To complete the Dru yoga teaching diploma and go on to teach and bring Dru to WA along with teaching future teachers was a long term goal of mine. I nourished that goal by keeping it in my vision and taking one step after the other. A balanced Manipura of inner fire will support these habits, guide your intentions and provide power for your will.

Those of you who follow Dru know we always start classes with activations. Part of it is to warm and prepare the body for movement and stretching, but there is also an energetic effect. Lively activations will help build the Manipura fire. Continue with some side stretches as we do in EBR1, opening up the side of your body, freeing tension and creating space. When you come to asanas, Warrior 1 is a great place to start as it strengthens and supports the qualities of determination, groundedness and walking the path of the warrior. It allows you to know your way forward and encourages you to take steps to move with intention. Progress on to Warrior 2 and 3 and put them together in a sequence that will help you build a strength-based groundedness with an open heart, taking you beautifully into your vision.

We finished last term with this warrior sequence so don’t be afraid to revisit it and feel into the stages and where you feel your energy.

Winter is a great time for inner reflection and contemplation upon what you would like to achieve in the second half of this year.  A great time to nurture the Manipura fire by aligning your vision with your values and setting your course so that when spring comes you will emerge with direction and purpose. I’m now on the next stage of completing my yoga therapy diploma so that I can help people manage chronic illness and disease and contribute to changing the face of our health care system. Again step by step and along the way enjoying all the experiences that come with setting a direction, making a start and keeping the vision.

Stay warm as we enjoy the winter season and all that it brings.




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