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A couple of weeks ago, I felt the need to escape my planned work day and get into the bush. I had been back from a yoga therapy training module for a few days and was having trouble settling back into the regular routine!

When I am away on a training module as a student it is lovely to not have to organise anything other than turning up and participating in the training. I share a house with two very special friends and we have so much fun sharing our stories of life, sharing our experiences as yoga teachers and really just hanging out together. We laugh so much we exhaust ourselves! We cater for our breakfasts and pack our lunches each day but after the day is over we gather for dinner out and easily manage to eat out very cheaply at delicious Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and other local eateries. This is such a special time of deep connections and sharing of our collective wisdom. No wonder then that I have trouble adjusting back when I get home!

So my place of rejuvenation is the Earth and I head down to the Balingup Tree Park. This is what my pen put onto paper on this most recent trip.


I’m nature bathing and it’s delightful. No one else is here!

Nature bathing: stay long enough to fall into an altered state than when you arrived. Soak it in. Breathe deeply and fully.

Breathe in and receive. Breathe out and give. Enjoy this exchange as life supports life. As if by magic the stress falls away, muscles relax, eyes soften and you’re transported to a rhythm of the Earth, a nature rhythm. Let yourself flow with this rhythm.

Taking time out to absorb the magnificence of nature reflects back to you that same magnificence within. Then your heart softens as you recognise that divinity that’s always there, we just don’t stop long enough or often enough to have it reflected back to us.

Make time today to pause and appreciate nature. It’s the break your heart longs for as it reflects back to you the beauty of your soul.

Nestle up to your favourite tree and receive her breath as you breathe in deeply. Exhale slowly and give your tree the gift of your exhalation. Nourish each other and feel the synergy of this union.


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