Winter Retreat Mulled Wine

We take no credit for this one: it’s directly from the website of Jamie Oliver himself!


This is the recipe we used for the mulled wine enjoyed on our retreat. I have to say it was a very nice addition to the program and I can confirm that the leftovers heat up really well to be enjoyed a few days later!

I like the idea of this becoming a winter solstice tradition. On the shortest night of the year you make up a batch and relax with candle light and loved ones to celebrate light whilst enjoying the warmth and delicate flavours of mulled wine, yum!


Leftovers? What leftovers? 😉

I’ve never seen clementines anywhere in our supermarkets but they are a mandarin hybrid so just use mandarins and it will work wonderfully! I discovered this recipe a few years ago and several experiments later, it is by far my favourite. I also use rapadura sugar as it’s less refined and I like the brown sugar flavour. Chianti is the best but it works well with local, medium-bodied red wine.

It’s a lovely drink to enjoy with loved ones on a winter evening, by the fire or with some candles burning. Certainly it adds a new element to the wine experience and just holding the cup and enjoying the aromas of it brings out a sense of long tradition. Enjoy mindfully!

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