Surya Namaskara

This term we have been practicing the sun sequence, Surya Namaskara, and as I have been reading more about this ancient, time-honoured sequence, I want to share some of the information I have found with you.

Surya Namaskara is a practice that has been handed down from the sages of Vedic times. In many cultures throughout history the sun has been worshipped as a daily ritual because it is a powerful symbol of spiritual consciousness.

This sequence is very complete within itself as it works on all our levels of being:

  • It stretches, massages, tones and stimulates all the muscles and vital organs in the variety of movements from backward and forward bends, to lunges and inversions. When performed regularly it can stimulate the endocrine system, bringing it into balance.
  • The solar energy within you is enhanced and therefore dynamic creativity, resourcefulness and enthusiasm may be expressed in your thoughts and actions.
  • The sequence revitalises the entire system and recharges the pranic body.

When we become familiar with the sequence we can then start to work with it in a deeper way, adding intention and visualisation, specific breathing practices and mantra, as I recently taught on the Spring retreat.

Surya Namaskara is a great way to warm up for the day. When we start to work with it on a daily basis, we add a new factor to our lives. The ordered, sequential, and energising series of postures become like a tonic taken each morning to set us up for a balanced, energised day. Developing these practices is a wonderful way to bring us back into alignment with nature and the patterns and rhythms that support holistic wellness. We align with the cycle of the sun, honouring the light and letting that light raise our awareness of what is going on for us physically, emotionally and mentally.

When you start the day in this way over a period of time you may find that you become more attuned to your body, mind, heart and soul. Life is more meaningful and rich as you let a new rhythm of ease into your being, become more responsive and less reactive, and let yourself flow with life instead of against it.

Give it a go! Become a beacon of light to shine the way towards peace and harmony in your community.

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