Recipe – Almond Crescents

Kel here, with a post-Christmas reflection 🙂

I have been the family’s Christmas spirit for many years. I’m the one who puts up the Christmas tree, checks out the best brandy for eggnog and goes crazy with fairy lights (although Sarah’s husband Nic may now be the new fairy light king!). The past couple of years I’ve been busy studying summer units, which has dampened my Christmas bug a little, but not completely. I love the feel of Christmas – the anticipation, family time, eating Christmas-only treats like fruit mince pies. And the fairy lights.

However, as many of you probably find, Christmas has been increasingly commercialised over the years. Not only that, but we are learning more about the effects our Christmas habits have on the rest of the world, particularly the real human and environmental costs of cheap plastic trees and tinsel and the throwaway nature of many Christmas gifts and paraphernalia. Power to the bah humbugs!

But all is not lost for us Christmas spirits – the trick is to get creative with how we celebrate it. This year, I decided that my gift would be time and love spent in the kitchen. I went on a baking mission – rumballs, raw white Christmas and almond crescents dipped in chocolate. The picture, by the way, is not mine – my biscuits got packaged up quickly so they wouldn’t get eaten! The crescents in particular received rave reviews, so I am sharing the recipe. Link at the bottom of the page 🙂

tl;dr – Recipe time! Super easy, tasty almond crescents. Gluten and dairy free, but they do contain eggs and (obviously) nuts. Happy baking!

Almond Crescents

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