Off the beaten track and off the mat

Yoga anytime, anywhere. Here is Di, from our Friday morning class, in the most amazing camel pose while on her trip across the desert. I love this photo and it got me thinking how great it would be if others who leave the class to go on holidays could send in their photo of “yoga on holidays – anytime, anywhere “.

Last term our focus was on building resilience as we worked each week with the camel. We warmed up with those lovely spiral movements to open up the chest and shoulder areas, working our way through the various stages of the camel. Many of you have shared that you enjoyed the journey into this beautiful heart opening asana. It certainly served me well during my introduction to walking the Bibbulmun Track when Nic and I did our two day walk.

This term from autumn to winter we have focused on building on some pranayama with the pigeon breath, deepening our breath and slowing down to work with strengthening practices to carry us through the cooler months. We started with the triangle poses moving onto the warriors that lead us into the lovely Inner Fire Sequence. We’ll refine this sequence this week as we come to the end of term two.

Remember the importance of setting your foundation, the base of your triangle or warrior, reflecting each stage of the way as you move mindfully in and out of your movements, allowing time for your body, mind and heart to reflect back to you messages that are important to hear. Allow time in a pose for your body to find the seat of that pose and for you to feel into it. There is no hurry to reach any particular point, it’s all about the journey.

Watch this space for my weekly posts including the quote of the week, which many of you have asked for.

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