High vibrations for a year of manifesting your greatest dream

Happy New Year !

Did you know this year holds an energy that can fast track you along to realising you goals and dreams?  Well it does and to ensure that you get the best chance to do this I am encouraging you to write down your intentions for the next twelve months.

It is one thing to have them in your head but quite another to put them in writing, better still if you can create a vision board or piece of artwork that represents your way forward and place this where you see it everyday.

You might be thinking how odd it is to be encouraged to forward plan and set intentions whilst at the same time hearing the message to stay present and in the moment.  I have been doing some reading and listening to some of my favourite people and I get it.

We do actually need to put out there our intentions so that a path can open up for us whilst then being able to let it go and trust in the process of manifestation.  To do this we need to keep our own vibration high and this is a life long task!  So many things can bring our energy down, the company we keep, our environment, our language, our posture, our beliefs and so the list can go on.

The great news is that we are amazingly powerful beings and can change these things.  Firstly we need to be aware of where we are leaking our energy and notice the circumstances around this.  Then we can start to make changes to our “way of being”.

Are you aware that your brain takes it shape from what your mind rests on?  A good question to ask ourselves is “What is my mind repeatedly resting on?”  Catch yourself and if you don’t like what is in there, change it.  Align yourself with your vision and affirm with your whole being your new way forward.  We need to embody our intentions and Dru Yoga does this so well.  The energy block release sequences release, on many levels, old stuckness that then makes way for new vibrancy to come in.  It is vital that we move our bodies every day, check on our  minds many times a day and breathe deeply as we open our hearts and take a moment to connect to the energy of manifestation.  Notice all the little things that are taking your closer to your dreams, the more you notice the  more that happens.

Here’s the funny thing, the more present we are to noticing and being grateful for what we already have the closer we move to our dream.

So dream big and write down your intentions for this year then stay present and notice it evolve.

Keep your vibration high and let light into places it hasn’t been in a while!



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