Finding strength in letting go

The season of autumn is a time to surrender so this term we will be focusing on the wisdom of release, letting go and making space.

The wisdom of release is letting go of “what was” so that “what could be” is free to unfold with ease and grace.  It is the season of transformation as you will notice nature reflects this to us with the falling leaves and coolness in the air.

It is vital for us to stay grounded in this season of change so our postures will reflect this and allow us to release and transform gently.

You will be invited to:

  • focus on your practice taking on a slow smooth pace
  • breathing deeply and calmly extending the out breath
  • explore fluidity in your movement
  • really ground and connect in with the earth to bring in stability
  • settle deeply into the relaxation process as we lengthen our time there a little

Summer can often leave us feeling rather tired and worn out as it is a busy time of long days with lots of activity, holidays, visitors, back to work and school, new projects and often the pressure of all the things we have declared we are going to achieve this year!

Now we can reflect on what we have achieved so far this year and begin to let the busyness settle as we assimilate and digest.  Let your practice help you in this process as you check in with all the layers of your being:

  • Your physical body – how does it feel right now?
  • Your pranic layer –  that layer where you feel energy moving, tingling, warmth, coolness.  Your energy levels are reflected here relevant to how much prana you have taken in.  How is your breathing?  Are you bringing in fresh prana/air and feeding your cells?
  • Your emotional state of being, how is your heart feeling?
  • Your mind – what state of mind are you aware of right now?
  • Your connection to your higher self – have you honoured the highest part of you lately?

If  you are attending regular yoga classes then take these reflections with you and enter the yoga room with a sense of going within for the time you are there.  It is your time to nourish and nurture yourself.  Always remember to honour how you feel each time  you come to your mat.  Some days you will be energised and eager to move, other days you may feel like not doing much at all.  Go with the flow with a sense of self inquiry as there is nothing to prove and no one to compare yourself with.  We are all there for our own journey.

Finally, if you feel you need to get away to immerse yourself in nature, to find balance and reconnect, then I have five places left in the autumn retreat starting on May 20th.  Call me for details if that appeals to you.


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”  Lau Tzu



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