• Recipe – Almond Crescents

    February 1, 2018Sarah Collin (0)
    Kel here, with a post-Christmas reflection 🙂 I have been the family’s Christmas spirit for many years. I’m the one who puts up the Christmas tree, checks out the best brandy for eggnog and goes crazy with fairy lights (although Sarah’s husband Nic may now be the new fairy light king!). The past couple of years ...
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  • Quote of the Week: 8 January

    January 8, 2018Sarah Collin (0)
    “It is not the world’s job to make you happy.  It is your job to bring happiness to the world.”  Michael Beckwith Share this:Tweet
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  • Make it a year of dreams

    January 6, 2018Sarah Collin (1)
    (by Kel Fox) When I was a kid, my mum and brother and I would go outside on New Year’s Eve and lie in our hammocks under the trees to write our New Year’s resolutions. I had a special section in the middle of my journal for it (the front was a diary of all the ...
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  • Quote of the Week: 3 January

    January 3, 2018Sarah Collin (0)
    “Nothing new will come into your life unless you’re grateful for what you have.”  Michael Beckwith Share this:Tweet
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  • Quote of the Week: 25 December

    December 25, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    Merry Christmas to all our readers! No blog post this week as it is a holiday but we will be back online very soon, and in the meantime have found a quote for you:   “Don’t crowd Christmas into a single day but spread its kindness and humanity throughout the year.” (from The Wonders & Joy of Christmas) The ...
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  • Quote of the Week: 18 December

    December 18, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    “Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.”  Rumi Share this:Tweet
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  • Surya Namaskara

    December 17, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    This term we have been practicing the sun sequence, Surya Namaskara, and as I have been reading more about this ancient, time-honoured sequence, I want to share some of the information I have found with you. Surya Namaskara is a practice that has been handed down from the sages of Vedic times. In many cultures throughout ...
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  • Quote of the Week: 11 December

    December 11, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” Author unknown Share this:Tweet
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  • Quote of the week December 4th

    December 8, 2017Sarah Collin (1)
    “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky.  Conscious breathing is my anchor.” Thich Nhat Hahn Share this:Tweet
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  • Whoops! Please excuse the test emails

    November 29, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    A quick message to apologise for the test emails you received yesterday. The good news is that we are setting up a platform for our creativity challenge so that we can all participate easily in a safe and easy to use way. I will be in touch again soon to let you know more details of how ...
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