• Quote of the Week: 13 November

    November 13, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
      “When you breathe into the moment, you appreciate life. When you stay open to life, miracles happen.”  Annie Jones Share this:Tweet
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  • Can you feel it? (and the Fourth Key revealed)

    November 13, 2017Sarah Collin (2)
    The thing about committing to slow living and being more present is that you tune in more, feel more, and that can be very challenging! The more time and space you create the more there is to discover in ever-increasing layers, like peeling an onion and wondering how many layers you need to remove before ...
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  • Quote of the Week: 6 November

    November 6, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
      “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” Eckhart Tolle Share this:Tweet
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  • Great to be home!

    November 4, 2017Sarah Collin (2)
    Week one of classes done and dusted after being away for five weeks! Thank you to all of you who expressed your gratitude for me being back and classes running again. I am also very grateful to all of you for your continued and loyal support as I am really happy to be home! Travelling does many ...
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  • Quote of the Week: 30 October

    October 30, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    “Fear is a natural reaction of moving closer to the truth.” Pema Chödrön Share this:Tweet
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  • How to register for a High Aspirations yoga class (by Kel)

    October 28, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    This is for anyone who has ever tried to sign up online and rage-quit in frustration. Or anyone who wants a giggle. I’ve tried to make it entertaining. It’s a pdf, so the images and layout are preserved and it doesn’t turn into a jumble of nonsense. Of course, much of it is still nonsense. How ...
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  • Quote of the Week – 23 October

    October 23, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    “The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Rumi Share this:Tweet
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  • Slow Living in the Blue Mountains

    October 17, 2017Sarah Collin (1)
    How grateful I am to be going slow in the Blue Mountains. My dear yoga friend Shakti and I are staying in a log cabin just out of Blackheath. It is a lovely opportunity to slow down after completing another six-day yoga therapy module in Canberra and before going to Sydney for the 50th IYTA ...
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  • Quote of the Week: 16 October

    October 16, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein Share this:Tweet
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  • Quote of the Week – 9 October

    October 9, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    “Even as drops of water make the ocean, so we too, through friendship, can become an ocean of friendliness. The shape of the world would indeed be transformed if all of us lived in a spirit of love and amity with one another.” Mahatma Gandhi Share this:Tweet
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