Living with awareness and being responsible

I start a class asking everyone to check in with their ‘koshas’, or layers of being. Specifically, I direct people to feel into their physical, emotional and mental layers so that they have an awareness of what they have walked into the class with. There is much written about koshas already and I see no reason to reproduce what others have done really well: here’s a great article if you want more detail on koshas. What I would like to use this space for is exploring how we can connect with these layers to make life richer. Anamaya kosha When
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Bliss Balls

Happy Saturday! Here is the recipe for the protein ‘bliss balls’ that have been served in the meditation classes. Blissful to taste, blissful for your body … on a chilly day like today just pair with a hot cup of herbal tea! Ingredients ½ cup brazil nuts ½ cup almond nuts ½ cup goji berries ½ cup pitted fresh medjool dates ½ cup coconut 1 Tbsp tahini Large pinch sea salt ¼ tsp cinnamon ¼ tsp cardamon 2 Tbsp raw cacao powder Method Process nuts in food processor or Thermomix. Add remaining ingredients binding with approx 1 tablespoon of water
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The meaning of Aum

At the end of my yoga classes now we finish by chanting three ‘Aums’. You may have wondered: why do we Aum? Is Aum a mantra and how might we benefit from this practice? I introduced the chanting of Aum at the request of a student. I then asked my other classes if they too would like to explore finishing the class with three Aums as the resulting vibrational effect was so profound. Some of my yoga students enthusiastically chant and others sit and feel. Regardless of the participation, which is absolutely voluntary, the classes finish with a stillness and
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Your Yoga Kit

As we go into the cooler months of winter many people in classes start to bring more things to keep themselves warm and comfortable during relaxation. This has prompted me to write about how valuable owning your own yoga kit can be. If you are attending classes in a fully equipped studio you get away with not having to do this however I strongly recommend that if you love your yoga then invest in a few valuable items. At the very least it is a good idea to bring along a large towel or cloth mat to go over the
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