Did you hear, as a child growing up, that as you get older the time passes more quickly? It seems to be ringing bells with me. My theme this year is ‘Connection’ and as the year has sped by I am left feeling that I am only just beginning to connect with my theme! Last year my theme was “Extreme Self Care” and the year before was “Slow Living” and it’s entirely possible there was another theme in there somewhere too. The thing is they are all connected to each other as they bring me to this point of wanting
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Living with awareness and being responsible

I start a class asking everyone to check in with their ‘koshas’, or layers of being. Specifically, I direct people to feel into their physical, emotional and mental layers so that they have an awareness of what they have walked into the class with. There is much written about koshas already and I see no reason to reproduce what others have done really well: here’s a great article if you want more detail on koshas. What I would like to use this space for is exploring how we can connect with these layers to make life richer. Anamaya kosha When
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