Did you hear, as a child growing up, that as you get older the time passes more quickly? It seems to be ringing bells with me. My theme this year is ‘Connection’ and as the year has sped by I am left feeling that I am only just beginning to connect with my theme! Last year my theme was “Extreme Self Care” and the year before was “Slow Living” and it’s entirely possible there was another theme in there somewhere too. The thing is they are all connected to each other as they bring me to this point of wanting
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The opportunities for self-care

By Kel Fox Sarah’s offline this week, taking some time off teaching and writing to look after herself during a bout of illness. Since that in itself is an act of self-care, it seems like a good time to revisit last year’s theme, and perhaps see if there is a link to this year’s theme of ‘connection’. What is self-care? It has become synonymous with luxurious relaxation, afternoons at the day spa, or weekends away from daily life, and since then been challenged: is self-care selfish? Is it necessary? Is it just about cutting out stress? Is it even something
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Making ‘Connection’ a self-care theme

As I sit in the café at the Dolphin Discovery Centre, I am surrounded by the happy sounds of people enjoying the café: the open space, families enjoying time together, and in some cases the celebration of a birthday with generations of the family together. Happy gatherings of people wait for the next cruise to take them out to see dolphins in their natural environment. As I observe all this it reinforces my focus word for 2019 and that is “Connection”. As many of you know, over the past few years I have taken a word and intention to journey
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My year of extreme self care!

I chose the theme of extreme self care because last year I declared was my year of “Slow Living” and that manifested some potent keys that I intend to continue exploring. I feel like I need more time with the slow living concept as I know I need more of it. It was that feeling at the end of last year, of wanting more time, that sparked my realisation that I could do with some serious self care. It was a full on year and finished on a high but left me a little tired! So I’ve been exploring options
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For Love of Yourself

For Love of Yourself This is the theme of our classes this term as we embrace the wintertime for going within and practicing some self loving. Whether you are in a yoga or meditation class this term, use this time to really be present and honour the time you are making for yourself.  See if you can let go of the labels, roles, tasks, demands that might be part of your life and come into the class with a sense of inner inquiry. I’ve been using this winter to reflect upon my own self care and realised that it is
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