Meditation and Mindfulness: what’s the difference?

Since the mindfulness trend, I have noticed many people conflating the terms ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’, but there is, in my opinion, a distinct difference. To put it simply, meditation is a learned process where you withdraw your senses and go within. It is not that you are trying to quieten your mind but more that you go into a place of acceptance. Acceptance that there will be distractions in your external environment both in the room you are in and outside the room in the distance. Acceptance that there will be sensations in your body as the body rebels to
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Living in a high state of gratitude

This was the theme of our summer retreat which has just happened.  Here I would like to share, especially for those that were on the retreat but also to benefit anyone else who is reading this, some of the practices and research. We contemplated the statement;  Your brain takes its shape from what your mind rests upon. Knowing that where attention goes energy flows we took a few moments to ask the question, where has my mind been resting this week?  Perhaps you might like to write this question in your journal and see what spills out onto your page.
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