Recipe: Divine Cherry Slice

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The divine cherry – I keep going to type ‘cheery’, perhaps a message as to its true name! – slice was served at last week’s events and here it is so you can make it at home! It’s a great time of year to do so as cherries come into season for us. Perhaps while making this slice, you might reflect on the long fascination humans have had for the rich stonefruit (which is, by the way, packed with nutritional value). I’ve included below a poem from the seventeenth century that suggests the ‘cherry ripe’ may have a far longer history than the modern chocolate bar! It’s old fashioned (four hundred years old fashioned) but an interesting piece to reflect on.

Or if poetry isn’t your thing, reflect on what cherries might mean to you energetically: does their rich red colour resonate with your base chakra? Or does the sensual symbolism connect with the sacral chakra? Can you imbue your slice with the power to balance these energy centres? Our intention with our food has so much impact on our relationship with it.

Anyway, on to the important part – the cheery cherry slice recipe!


1 ½ cups pitted cherries

1 cup shredded coconut

4 T chia seeds

4 T coconut oil

120 g dark chocolate (85% cocoa)

2 T coconut flour



Place all ingredients except chocolate and coconut flour into food processor and blitz until well combined.

Line a square pan with baking paper and spoon mixture in, smoothing it with a spatula. Store in the fridge while melting chocolate.

Melt chocolate, pour over mixture then put back in fridge to set.

When ready to cut up, dust a chopping board with the coconut flour and place the slice on this – it gives a slightly cakey base. Cut slice with hot knife to avoid cracking the chocolate and go slowly.

Note: You can use fresh, frozen, tinned or jarred cherries however be aware that even if you buy pitted cherries there can be little bits of pits left. Using fresh cherries (which, along with frozen, have the better nutritional profile) and pitting them yourself is the only way to guarantee a slice free of hard bits.

Printable version: Divine Cherry Slice

Aforementioned poem:

There Is A Garden In Her Face

There is a garden in her face
Where roses and white lilies grow;
A heav’nly paradise is that place
Wherein all pleasant fruits do flow.
There cherries grow which none may buy,
Till “Cherry ripe” themselves do cry.
Those cherries fairly do enclose
Of orient pearl a double row,
Which when her lovely laughter shows,
They look like rose-buds fill’d with snow;
Yet them nor peer nor prince can buy,
Till “Cherry ripe” themselves do cry.
Her eyes like angels watch them still,
Her brows like bended bows do stand,
Threat’ning with piercing frowns to kill
All that attempt with eye or hand
Those sacred cherries to come nigh,
Till “Cherry ripe” themselves do cry.
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