• Quote of the Week – 7 August

    July 24, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    “Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasure.” Rainer Maria Rilke Share this:Tweet
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  • Quote of the Week – 24 July

    July 24, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon Share this:Tweet
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  • Treasures of slow living

    July 23, 2017Sarah Collin (2)
    Look what I found in my local butcher shop at Treendale! Fresh local South West walnuts which take me back to my childhood in the South East of South Australia where the most amazing walnut tree was to be found on our farm. I enjoyed a constant supply of fresh walnuts and the company of the amazing ...
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  • Quote of the Week – 17 July

    July 21, 2017Sarah Collin (1)
    “The heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love.  What seeds will you plant there?” Jack Kornfield   Share this:Tweet
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  • Beetroot Hummus

    July 18, 2017Sarah Collin (1)
    Since I’m getting active about the blog and sharing quotes, I figured it was also a good place to share recipes from events that have been requested! Some of you may remember the deliciously vivid beetroot hummus served at Dru Soul Spa. (Incidentally, it’s coming up again this weekend – don’t miss out!) Here it ...
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  • Off the beaten track and off the mat

    July 15, 2017Sarah Collin (0)
    Yoga anytime, anywhere. Here is Di, from our Friday morning class, in the most amazing camel pose while on her trip across the desert. I love this photo and it got me thinking how great it would be if others who leave the class to go on holidays could send in their photo of “yoga ...
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  • Quote of the week – 10 July

    July 14, 2017Sarah Collin (1)
    As promised, here is this week’s class quote: “To fully thrive, we must not only eliminate the stressors but also actively seek joyful, loving, fulfilling lives that stimulate growth processes.” Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief Have a joyful, loving and fulfilling weekend! Share this:Tweet
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  • Lessons from ‘slow living’: The Three Keys

    July 6, 2017Sarah Collin (2)
    This year – 2017 – I declared as my year of “slow living”.  I announced that I was going to focus on having 52 weeks of being more connected with and enjoying the things I love: Family time Garden time Time in nature Time for creative pursuits I shared this intention publicly with many people and the reaction was how ...
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  • New! Quote of the Week – 3 July

    July 5, 2017Sarah Collin (3)
    People often ask me if they can write down the quotes I share in my classes. Well, from now on, save the paper and subscribe! It’s time for this blog to receive some love. Starting now, this space is becoming a burst of light and insight on the internet. Regular posts, and to start with, a ...
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  • Slow Living

    February 16, 2017Sarah Collin (2)
    Slow Living – this is my motto for this year. Since choosing to explore this theme it is amazing what I have found.  There are actually magazines on the subject and I love them. Check these out:  These are our vege pods and they work amazingly. As part of my intention to practice slow living I am growing ...
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