The Heart Chakra — Anahata

As we continue our journey through the chakras we come to the heart.  It sits right in the middle of the other six with three below it and three above it, which might give you some clues as to how special the heart centre is. As with everything about us it is all inter-connected so we can’t work on, say for example, the base or sacral chakra without affecting the others, it is all part of our wholeness.  That is why mainstream medicine is letting us down in many areas today as most of medicine is based on the Newtonian
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Recipe: Divine Cherry Slice

Post by Kel Fox The divine cherry – I keep going to type ‘cheery’, perhaps a message as to its true name! – slice was served at last week’s events and here it is so you can make it at home! It’s a great time of year to do so as cherries come into season for us. Perhaps while making this slice, you might reflect on the long fascination humans have had for the rich stonefruit (which is, by the way, packed with nutritional value). I’ve included below a poem from the seventeenth century that suggests the ‘cherry ripe’ may
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Writing from the heart

A couple of weeks ago, I felt the need to escape my planned work day and get into the bush. I had been back from a yoga therapy training module for a few days and was having trouble settling back into the regular routine! When I am away on a training module as a student it is lovely to not have to organise anything other than turning up and participating in the training. I share a house with two very special friends and we have so much fun sharing our stories of life, sharing our experiences as yoga teachers and
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